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Cirrus Data Solutions unveils flash cache SAN acceleration solution with LSI Nytro technology

Cirrus Data

Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS), a software company specializing in enterprise-class storage software solutions, announced Wednesday it has integrated LSI Nytro WarpDrive flash accelerator cards into its new Data Caching Server (DCS) appliance solution.


WD debuts ultra-compact network storage line of servers

Western Digital

WD, a Western Digital company, expanded Thursday its small- and medium-sized (SMB) storage solution portfolio with the introduction of the new WD Sentinel DS5100 and WD Sentinel DS6100 (S-series) ultra-compact network storage plus servers.


Highly Reliable adds replication, Speedseed to removable drive NAS appliances

Highly Reliable

Highly Reliable Systems added replication and Speedseed to their removable drive Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. Intended for backup, these products allow businesses to protect data multiple ways at low cost. A key feature is the ability to replicate offsite and also transparently mirror between internal and removable drives.


Infortrend debuts EonNAS 3012R, its scalable NAS with dual redundant controllers


Infortrend announced that its EonNAS 3012R systems deliver reliable and scalable consolidated storage for file and application needs, while featuring an active-active dual redundant controller configuration to ensure quick failover and solid protection for data against loss. Key hardware components such as controllers, power supplies, and fans are modular, allowing easy maintenance and replacement.


Winchester Systems doubles capacity of RR2P rugged removable canister disk arrays


Winchester Systems Inc. announced that their RR2P Rugged Removable Canister disk arrays now offer twice the capacity -- up to 40 TB. The RR2P is designed for mobile use aboard planes, ships and ground transports.

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