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Samsung starts mass production of 3-bit 3D V-NAND flash memory for SSDs


Samsung Electronics announced that it has begun mass producing its 3-bit multi-level-cell (MLC) three-dimensional (3D) Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory, for use in solid state drives (SSDs).


Splunk Enterprise 6.2 extends Splunk Analytics, delivers improved scalability


Software platform provider Splunk has debuted Splunk Enterprise 6.2 to deliver simplified analysis and pattern detection that enables more users across IT and the business to discover relationships in their data and build advanced analytics.


Red Hat Storage 3 removes storage barriers to advance big data, operational analytics, file sharing

Red Hat

Red Hat debuted a new offering to advance file storage and Apache Hadoop big data services for business critical workloads.

The Red Hat Storage Server 3 enables enterprises to curate enterprise data to increase responsiveness, control costs and improve operational efficiency, and lets users eliminate silos and unify data by provisioning and managing storage regardless of whether it’s on premise, virtualized, or in a public cloud infrastructure.


Red Hat debuts JBoss Developer subscription, resources and technology

Red Hat

Red Hat unveils new developer subscription program and resources for members of the JBoss Developer community, to help enterprise application developers work quickly and effectively.


Oracle FS1-2 flash storage delivers enterprise storage capabilities optimized for flash media


Oracle announced its FS1-2 flash storage system to give users the ability to consolidate storage while achieving predictable performance for multiple diverse workloads in enterprise computing or multitenant environments.

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