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Cloudian unveils new hybrid cloud storage appliances, HyperStore software for hybrid cloud storage


Cloudian announced that its HyperStore appliances and HyperStore 5.0 software provide easy-to-use hybrid cloud storage as either fully integrated stand-alone storage servers, or as software.


VMware’s ThinApp 5.1 introduces better efficiency, package-management functions


VMware released last week ThinApp 5.1 to provide package management functions and greater efficiency for IT. A number of fixes to address particular applications and functions have also been included.


Avago improves data center connectivity, data protection with new alliances

Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies announced Wednesday its selection of its 12Gb/s SAS technology for use in its latest lineup of Dell PowerEdge RAID Controllers (PERC9) for their 13th generation PowerEdge Servers, to enable new levels of application performance acceleration, cost savings and streamlined server management.


New release of Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK comes with improved features


Microsoft released another preview of the Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK 0.5.0-beta, which comes with the same general feature set as 0.4.0-beta with some new added features.


Apache Hive v13 gets support from Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services announced that Amazon Elastic MapReduce supports version 13 of Apache Hive, a tool for building and querying large data sets. It supports the ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) process to give users access to files stored on EMR cluster in HDFS or in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

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