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Xangati’s XSR-11 improves workload performance management for virtualized environments


Xangati announced Monday general availability of XSR-11, the latest release of its software suite, which uses a complete cross-silo approach to provide live and continuous monitoring of an organization’s business-critical virtualized infrastructure.


IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center offers virtualization, infrastructure management for cloud


IBM announced that its SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center v5.2 helps IT storage managers migrate to an agile, cloud-based, software-defined storage environment and manage it effectively. This solution allows enterprises to optimize provisioning, capacity, availability, reporting and management for virtualized storage.


Rimini Street launches cloud services for, Workday products

Rimini Street

Rimini Street has launched Rimini Street Cloud Services, a new service designed to help Oracle and SAP licensees integrate Cloud applications into their IT landscape. The Company also announced availability of the first two Cloud Support Packages for and Workday products.


Microsoft cloud offerings meets approval of European Union’s privacy authorities


The European Union’s data protection authorities have found that Microsoft’s enterprise cloud contracts meet the high standards of EU privacy law. This ensures that its customers can use Microsoft services to move data freely through the cloud from Europe to the rest of the world.

Building on this approval, “we will now take proactive steps to expand these legal protections to benefit all of our enterprise customers,” wrote Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel and executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs.


Red Hat debuts training course for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Red Hat

Red Hat announced Wednesday immediate availability of a new OpenStack training course, Neutron Networking with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. The new course uses a hands-on lab atmosphere to provide IT professionals with the skill-sets they need to implement and maintain OpenStack deployments.

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