Joyent joins with Clustrix to offer real-time analytics in the cloud

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Clustrix, provider of scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, announced Thursday a partnership with Joyent, a cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company. As a result of the partnership, ClustrixDB, its scale-out database for real-time analytics on live operational data, will be available to Joyent customers who need scale-out SQL and real-time analytics.

New cloud-scale applications have unpredictable workloads with rapidly growing and varied data. Poor application performance can result in the loss of customers, reduced employee productivity and a decrease in revenue. Joyent's public cloud ensures companies can create and deploy dynamic applications that scale effortlessly for millions of users. With the introduction of ClustrixDB, Joyent's high-performance computing platform will further increase and maintain application performance in cloud computing environments.

"The Joyent Cloud has always offered true data reliability and a high performance cloud architecture," said Henry Wasik, president and CEO of Joyent Inc. "This integration with ClustrixDB will further enable our customers to enjoy the utmost performance now combined with the ability to run real-time analytics to deliver greater business insight."

ClustrixDB allows enterprises to perform complex analytics within seconds, while at the same time track and measure performance. With some applications reaching billions of transactions per day, the promise of real-time analytics is unparalleled. Using multiple cores on a single node and multiple nodes in parallel to make analytic queries and reports go faster, ClustrixDB provides the durability and speed necessary for data ingestion and analytics.

"Many applications deployed in the cloud today have fundamentally different characteristics than traditional back office applications and require massive workload support," said Robin Purohit, CEO at Clustrix. "ClustrixDB combined with Joyent's application performance management capabilities will enable companies of any size to build innovative applications at unprecedented speed and agility."


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