Appcara offers improved application agility with AWS compatible private clouds

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Cloud application platform vendor, Appcara, announced this week integration with Eucalyptus’ on-premise IaaS cloud software to help enterprises speed the deployment of multi-tiered and complex business applications. Leveraging Eucalyptus’ compatibility with the AWS API, the relationship provides customers with maximum application portability between Eucalyptus on-premise environments and AWS public clouds. Eucalyptus offers widely deployed cloud software platform for on-premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). AppStack’s intuitive UI and model-driven approach allows agility for deploying and managing complex multi-tiered/platform applications.

Application agility for complex and multi-tiered business application environments is a critical business problem for IT managers. Businesses depend on complex apps, composed of multiple components, language environments and platforms to run their operations – yet these application environments can’t be easily implemented and managed using today’s cloud application solutions. As enterprise applications enter the cloud, the traditional approach of using libraries of server templates for cloud deployments has gotten too unwieldy and rigid to be sustainable – demanding an increasing amount of manual effort for developers who must manage complex custom scripting of each server –and limiting automated application portability.

With Appcara’s AppStack, enterprises and service providers can deploy cloud applications that are far more easily managed across their lifecycle, and remain portable across Eucalyptus and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud environments. AppStack captures and assembles the entire application environment regardless of languages and development platforms and provides 100 percent automation throughout the application lifeycle.

In addition, AppStack includes the App Marketplace capability, allowing service providers and enterprises to offer self-service publishing capabilities to enable software-as-a-service. Enterprise users can subscribe to software applications using point-and-click user interface – instead of the traditional approach of purchasing licenses and manual installation.

Existing Appcara users have found that AppStack has reduced their DevOps effort, turning manual enterprise application deployment processes into highly automated workloads.

“Enterprise customers turn to Eucalyptus for open, scalable and fully compatible on-premise clouds to freely manage and migrate workloads based on business demand,” said David Butler, SVP of marketing at Eucalyptus. “By leveraging Eucalyptus’ industry leading on-premise IaaS cloud sofware, and compatability with AWS APIs, Appcara can provide even the most advanced enterprise IT applications with on-demand cloud deployment, real-time configuration and advanced operations.

“Enterprises are beginning to transition their back-office apps into the cloud but today’s solutions lack the ability and agility to capture multi-tiered apps. AppStack’s model-driven technology is designed specifically to automate these complex environment,” said John Yung, CEO of Appcara. “We’re delighted to offer the Eucalytpus cloud platform to provide just that.”