Panzura uses global cloud storage system with Rackspace cloud files

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Panzura, a provider of global cloud storage solutions, announced Tuesday that the company's Global Cloud Storage System can now utilize Rackspace Cloud Files, allowing enterprises to leverage the cloud as a flexible global file system and seamless, elastic object storage.

Rackspace Cloud Files, powered by OpenStack, provides scalable, on-demand storage for files, data, backups, images, media and more. A solution for storing and delivering content, Panzura Global Cloud Storage Systems utilizes Rackspace Cloud Files to deliver a tested, all-in-one storage solution that provides global file access and management, flexible and near-infinite capacity scalability, and native data protection, all in a seamless, low-latency solution.

"The cloud offers a scalable and elastic object storage tier for the globally distributed enterprise," said Ven Shanmugam, senior manager, strategy and corporate development at Rackspace. "By using Rackspace Cloud Files, Panzura Global Cloud Storage System has formed a powerful solution that can enable enterprise customers to harness the cloud for anytime, anywhere access to all their files, regardless of file size or location, with integrated file locking, deduplication, encryption, snapshots, access management and massive scalability in capacity."

"The continuous generation of Big Data makes addressing user needs a herculean task, even under the best of conditions," said Ranajit Nevatia, vice president of marketing at Panzura. "Using Panzura Global Cloud Storage Systems with Rackspace Cloud Files enables the cloud to seamlessly fit into existing IT infrastructures, creating an all-in-one storage solution without the timely and costly integration, debugging and optimization requirements caused by trying to tie together multiple products from multiple vendors."

Panzura Global Cloud Storage System integration with Rackspace Cloud Files is now available for immediate purchase, or as a subscription service.