Xiotech's Hybrid Intelligent Storage Element Heralded as the First 'Unbreakable' Storage System in the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center

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by Computer Technology Review staff

Talk about a need for speed. The Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (MPSC) recently hosted one of its partners, Xiotech (www.xiotech.com), in an attempt to achieve 60,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) on the company’s Hybrid Intelligent Storage Element (ISE). Hybrid ISE – which is built to deliver high performance in random I/O workloads such as virtualization, data warehousing and messaging – intelligently integrates HDDs and SSDs into a single ‘logical drive.’

This level of performance, of course, is not only in stark contrast to other tested storage systems but also sets apart Hybrid ISE as the first ‘infrangible’ storage system in the MPSC.

Testing The Limits
The MPSC’s testing focused on the virtual machine ‘density bottleneck’, one of the most common limitations in storage systems. In fact, in many data centers, once a certain density of Virtual Machines (VMs) are reached, storage bottlenecks can cause servers to lose connections to them. This ultimately results in the need to deploy new server resources to accommodate the environment, a costly and timely endeavor, no matter how you look it. Amazingly, Hybrid ISE proved its ability to remove that bottleneck.

Paving The Way For Customer Ready Solutions
One of the MPSC’s missions is to provide a premier MPSC partner showcase by driving emerging technology with Microsoft products into customer ready solutions. In the case of Hybrid ISE, MPSC maxed out three 32 core, 128GB servers against a single Xiotech Hybrid ISE DataPac. Because of the success of the initial tests, MPSC intends to take testing to the next level by adding more servers.

The Proof Is In The Concept
Four years ago, the MPSC constructed its own internal deployment of Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V on Sun Servers. It has now deployed a cluster of Cisco UCS Blades on a Cisco 10Gig ISCI backplane as its core cloud environment and can support 2,000 or more virtual servers. Not only do they understand how these technologies work but also the MPSC is the perfect place to show customers how their applications would work in a virtualized topology. By developing a proof of concept, the MPSC can answer Microsoft’s and its partner customers’ questions, allowing them to take next steps in advancing their respective technologies.

Xiotech’s Hybrid ISE Packs A Powerful Performance Punch
"MPSC hardware testing projects are designed to put maximum stress on systems so customers can have the utmost confidence in deploying them in support of business critical functions, said David Hayes, senior director of the MPSC. In such a demanding context, Xiotech Hybrid ISE performed beyond our wildest expectations with its HDD SSD solution that we tested.”

“Where most hybrid storage systems have underperformed before, we felt like we hardly put a dent in the Hybrid ISE performance potential. We estimate it would take an increase of workload by a factor of 10 to push the Hybrid ISE we tested to its actual performance threshold. We are looking forward to deploying it in the MPSC cloud environment as our Tier 1 storage solution."

For more about the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center, visit: www.microsoft.com/serviceproviders/busresources/mpsc.mspx


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