Nexsan unveils iSeries energy-efficient iSCSI SAN offering

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Nexsan Corp., a provider of energy-efficient, long-term disk storage, introduced Monday its Nexsan iSeries, the company's iSCSI SAN, which provides customers with more flexibility, scalability and value than any other product in its class.

Designed and priced specifically to give small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a new value-alternative in implementing an iSCSI SAN, the Nexsan iSeries is a complete, easy-to-implement, enterprise-class SAN (storage area network) that is ideal for use in standalone or fully virtualized IT environments, Nexsan announced in a statement.

Nexsan of Thousand, Oaks, California delivers secure storage appliances and modular, capacity-optimized disk-storage systems for a range of applications, including fixed content storage and archiving, email, medical imaging, compliance and litigation support, disk-based backup, digital video security, and rich media.

Nexsan's solutions are chosen by small and medium-sized companies, as well as large global enterprises and governmental agencies around the world seeking cost-correct, high density storage solutions. Nexsan sells its products through a global network of VARs (value-added resellers), OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system integrators.

"With the iSeries, we're continuing to expand the breadth of our product family by offering an iSCSI SAN solution that gives customers what they want most today: tremendous flexibility and value," said Bob Woolery, senior vice president of marketing, Nexsan. "We've designed the iSeries to give customers a solution with all the storage services, data protection and scalability they need at a price they can afford. And, we're giving our channel partners a new value alternative in this growing market segment. We've truly changed the game with value," Woolery added.

The Nexsan iSeries delivers advanced storage functionality and independent scaling of performance and capacity. It also offers iSCSI (Internet SCSI), Fibre Channel and NAS (network attached storage) configurations from the same system, and provides twice the capacity of similar solutions, up to 1 PB (petabyte) of storage, at a fraction of the cost of competitive products.

The Nexsan iSeries also includes a complete suite of enterprise storage services, including virtualization, for a single up-front price to affordably accommodate a company's increasing storage needs. This holistic approach simplifies pricing, removes hidden costs and licensing fees associated with competitive products and smoothly accommodates an organization's IT requirements as they change.

The Nexsan iSeries offers customers virtualized storage for flexibility and intelligent automation of routine tasks, high performance for running multiple demanding applications from a single high-density system, and simultaneous use of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and/or SATA (Serial-ATA) disk drives in the same storage chassis for application flexibility and low-cost scalability.

With the iSeries, Nexsan will deliver Tier 1 enterprise-class features and performance at Tier 2 prices with storage solutions ideal for SMBs and SMEs. The Nexsan iSeries is available in two configurations which include additional storage expansion to meet the needs of customers whose data storage requirements are steadily growing.

The additional benefits of the Nexsan iSeries include its VMware certification, which ensures high performance in both physical and virtual environments, It is also easy to deploy and manage with wizard-based setup, administration and central management of volumes, snapshots, HA/data replication, mirroring and data migration.

The Nexsan iSeries also offers high-performance with up to four RAID engines per storage system, Nexsan's AutoMAID energy-saving technology which reduces energy costs by up to 60 percent without compromising application performance, and key application support on storage pooling, virtual servers, and archiving.

The Nexsan iSeries also offers benefits such as high-speed, highly responsive, hyper transport bus, real-time OS, enterprise-class network chip set, and is also fully redundant and designed for 99.999 percent availability.

The Spokane Public School District recently purchased the Nexsan iSeries through Nexsan partner RADirect for a campus security application.

"In a typical two-week period, we capture more than 24 TB (terabytes) of video from our district's video surveillance systems," said Kevin Mount, lead network administrator, Spokane Public Schools. "We chose the iSeries to store and manage that data because it offers the right mix of performance, flexibility and value for our needs. Because we already use the Nexsan SATABoy solution to store student data, we are very comfortable and confident going with a Nexsan iSCSI solution for this critical application," Mount added.

The Nexsan iSeries is currently available through Nexsan's global network of authorized VARs.

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