Computer Technology Review's 1st Annual E-Discovery Product Roundup

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To wrap up this month;s coverage on e-discovery and archiving, we are including an e-discovery product roundup of various solutions on the market to help IT with the process. The roundup includes complete data discovery solutions, email archiving, time and date stamping, and log management.

Thank you to all our contributors who provided input to this month's focus.

- Computer Technology Review Editorial Staff

Electronic Discovery Solutions

CommVault's Singular Information Management (SIM) software suite enables companies to investigate message and file archives, along with backup data, to provide a comprehensive electronic discovery solution. CommVault software provides capabilities for search and retrieval across all data types and data copies. A single interface enables the archive, find, search and retrieval capabilities necessary to meet the increasing demands for retention and retrieval regardless of data source or media type.  

Exterro Fusion is a Web-based discovery management and workflow platform designed to facilitate better collaboration between outside counsel, in-house legal teams, service providers and experts by providing an integrated environment for consistency, defensibility and visibility into the entire e-discovery process. The software enables legal teams to manage custodians and data sources, automate legal hold process, streamline collection workflow and e-discovery project management, track review/production processes, and manage schedules.

Imperva’s SecureSphere products provide data governance and protection solutions that monitor, audit and secure business applications and databases. SecureSphere products offer automated functionality for achieving, maintaining and documenting regulatory compliance. SecureSphere provides visibility into data usage by the end-user, through the application and into the database. Automated feeds from the security and compliance experts at the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC) ensure that SecureSphere is always updated with the latest defenses against new threats, and the most recent regulatory compliance best practices.

Index Engines
Enterprise discovery solutions provider, Index Engines, recently introduced their Automated Tape Extraction Module. The Automated Tape Extraction Module, combined with the Index Engines Tape Engine, is designed to make traditional offline data discovery methods obsolete. The new solution automatically recognizes the backup application used to archive data on tape allowing for direct indexing and search for all responsive files and email. Tape Engines 2.5 includes support for tape libraries for the scanning of large volumes of tapes. Also a new tape management module is included that automatically generates a catalog of the tapes loaded in a library. These features alongside the automated extraction capabilities are now commercially available. Pricing for the Tape Engine platform starts at $50,000. Base price for the Automated Tape Extraction Module is $25,000.

MetaLINCS is the e-discovery business unit of the Seagate Services Group, a division of Seagate Technology. The MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite is a packaged software application that supports and accelerates the entire electronic discovery process.  The enterprise-class application is designed to provide powerful analysis, ease-of-use and overall workflow flexibility for enabling corporations, law firms and government agencies to deploy "best-practice" e-discovery processes to meet the unique requirements of their organizations. MetaLINCS software reduces the escalating cost and risk associated with e-discovery by incorporating integrated application and analysis capabilities that make review and early case assessment faster and more accurate.

RenewData’s e-discovery services, including planning, preservation and collection, processing, review, production, and storage of electronic evidence, assist corporations and law firms responding to audits, investigations, and lawsuits. Superior legal expertise, scalable technology, and a state-of-the-art facility featuring government level-physical security enable RenewData to provide clients with secure, accessible, and manageable data. Solutions are provided by trained forensic experts who minimize spoliation risks by preserving evidence under documented chain-of-custody procedures.

For companies who need to immediately react or proactively prepare for litigation or government investigations, StoredIQ provides an enterprise-class appliance for electronic discovery projects that reduces legal risk while saving collection, preservation and processing expense. StoredIQ is designed to enable companies to quickly and easily deploy the appliance in-house and crawl and collect active data on their network servers, storage systems and personal computers without disrupting end users. Using StoredIQ’s topology map, classification and search technology, companies can rapidly target, collect, preserve and process potentially relevant documents in a legally defensible manner.

Email Archiving

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a tool that archives all incoming, outgoing and internal email to an SQL database, removing the need to archive PSTs or Mailboxes separately. Viewing rights for individuals and user groups can be set up quickly and easily, ensuring that users can only access and retrieve email relating to their specific Activity Directory Group. The Archive Search Utility enables a fast search of messages based on a whole word or phrase, or string of characters including the attachment content and Internet header. It offers basic and advanced search functions based on one or several different search criteria. DDSS (Dynamic Database Smart Sizing) ensures the best database size for fast and efficient message retrieval. 

Jatheon Technologies
Jatheon's Plug n Comply e-mail and message archiving solutions are ideally designed for companies seeking full regulatory compliance, internal policy management, storage space management, and e-discovery functionality. Simple applications are designed to provide e-discovery tools that allow individuals or workgroups to search and produce electronic messages. Legal council, auditors, and compliance officers can quickly search through all archived messages, review them, place them on litigation holds if necessary, or export the results to opposing council. Jatheon’s Plug n Comply solution offers absolute control of all confidential messaging data whether it is e-mail or instant messaging.

GOexchange Preventative Maintenance is designed to optimize the performance of Exchange Servers along with the critical e-mail, calendaring and other personal productivity tools that depend on them. DigiVault Continuous Backup protects corporate information by continuously backing up e-mail, scheduling, contacts, and other Exchange-related data changes as they occur.  GOexchange and DigiVault also come combined in the company’s Enterprise System Protector Suite. DigiScope is a simple yet powerful tool for copying, searching, and recovering individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments and other e-mail elements from un-mounted offline Information Stores or existing Microsoft® Exchange Server 2000, 2003 and 2007 backups.   

Trend Micro’s Message Archiver efficiently manages secure email storage in mid-size companies. It is designed to provide fast, easy search capability and reduced storage cost, while enabling e-discovery and compliance with data retention regulations. Message Archiver lowers email storage costs by reducing data on the mail server by as much as 80 percent. The tamper-proof archiving solution allows authorized personnel to search and retrieve emails and attachments quickly throughout an organization. It uses timestamps and encryption to ensure the authenticity of messages. Message Archiver also protects employee privacy by logging transcripts of privileged-user searches that can be sent to a designated Data Guardian.Per user pricing varies by seat count and price decreases with volume.  For the 501-1000 seat level, TMMA is $33.70 per user. This price includes search and compliance capabilities, as well as the first year of maintenance.  The solution is available for a 30-day-trial download at:

Time Stamping and Log Management

The LogRhythm LogManager is a log management and analysis solution that automates the collection, organization, analysis and archival of all log data across the IT infrastructure. LogManager supports regulatory compliance efforts for log data retention and ensures that IT is aware of important security, availability, and audit issues as they occur. In addition, it provides an invaluable tool for conducting network and security event forensics. Designed to address compliance, security, and network optimization,

AbsoluteProof acts as a trusted third-party time-stamping service that alleviates the concern surrounding electronic evidence admissibility by sealing electronic records through an impenetrable hash-chain linking method. AbsoluteProof gives each electronic record a unique hash and timestamp then links that hash and time value to a chain of values that no one, not even those within Surety, can alter. The result is a secure, accurately time-stamped record that can meet even the most exacting legal challenges. Any alterations or tampering can be readily detected, leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of the record and the integrity of the evidentiary chain of custody.

Useful E-Discovery Information Resources Blog that discusses legal issues as they relate to IT.

K&L Gates: Provides database of e-discovery cases; can search by key word such as spoliation or data preservation.



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