Imperva achieves RSA Secured Partner Program certification

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Jan 25 -- Imperva Inc., a provider of application data security and compliance, announced Wednesday that it has joined the RSA Secured Partner Program, and Imperva SecureSphere has achieved certified interoperability with RSA Access Manager software from RSA Security Inc., the security division of EMC Corp. This partnership is designed to enable joint customers to deploy a layered web security infrastructure that provides interoperable application protection with user access control.

The technical interoperability between SecureSphere and RSA Access Manager is designed to enable IT security teams to access user login credentials from RSA Access Manager following security violation alerts issued by SecureSphere. This capability provides an identity-based tracing mechanism for linking users and the actions they perform using web applications. Tracing users and their actions is a requirement for audit and compliance, but is difficult to achieve with Web applications since they typically pool connections to back-end databases which obscures login credentials.

Imperva of Foster City, California is a provider of application data security and compliance. Leading enterprise and government organizations worldwide rely on Imperva to prevent data theft and abuse, and ensure data integrity. The company 's SecureSphere products provide data governance and protection solutions that monitor, audit and secure business applications and databases.

Imperva SecureSphere products deliver activity monitoring, audit and security for business applications and databases. SecureSphere products offer proven, automated capabilities for achieving, maintaining and documenting regulatory compliance. SecureSphere is a complete business-critical data security and compliance solution that provides full visibility into data usage by the end-user, through the application and into the database. Automated feeds from the security and compliance experts at the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC) ensure that SecureSphere is always armed with the latest defenses against new threats, and the most recent regulatory compliance best practices.

The RSA Secured Partner Program is one of the largest alliance programs of its type, bringing over a dozen years of experience and hundreds of complementary solutions together. RSA SecurID, RSA Access Manager, RSA Digital Certificate Manager, RSA Federated Identity Manager and RSA Key Manager certification programs bring added assurance to customers that the solutions they are deploying are certified as interoperable with industry leading products, helping them achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership. The RSA Secured Partner Program reflects RSA 's commitment to providing standards-based interoperability and mutual vendor support to customers using its identity assurance and access management solutions.

RSA Access Manager software is designed to be a primary component of any identity management system by allowing organizations to provide secure access to web applications within intranets, extranets, portals and exchange infrastructures, with transparent, single sign-on access for a positive user experience. Enabling such access can promote improved communication and facilitate business with customers, strengthen partner relationships, bolster employee productivity and reduce support costs.

RSA Secured certification provides customers with the confidence of knowing that SecureSphere and RSA Access Manager will interoperate, Imperva said. The company is pleased to join the RSA Secured Partner Program, it said,

As the business world evolves, an effective strategy to protect identities and digital assets is essential to the growth and success of an organization, RSA of Bedford, Massachusetts said. Companies must feel confident that vital information and applications remain secure, both inside and outside their operations. The RSA Secured interoperability partnership between Imperva and RSA is designed to help end users efficiently and cost-effectively manage the digital identities of diverse user bases – including employees, partners and customers, RSA added.


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