Pogo Linux introduces NAS appliance

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Mar 29 -- Pogo Linux Inc., a provider of Linux-based servers, workstations and storage systems, has announced the release of its StorageDirector 3000 series NAS (network attached storage) appliance. The StorageDirector 3000 Series simplifies networked storage management, while providing NAS and iSCSI (Internet SCSI) functionality to meet increasingly complex customer needs at a small and medium business (SMB) price point, Pogo Linux said last week.

The StorageDirector 3000 line provides enterprise-level features at a significant price advantage, and allows IT managers and users to deploy a range of storage capabilities without common management hassles, Pogo Linux of Seattle, Washington said. As the storage needs of all businesses continue to grow exponentially, they require uncomplicated and scalable storage solutions, the company said. Pogo Linux’s StorageDirector 3000 series offers SMBs additional storage to meet growing needs, while also providing cost-sensitive enterprise customers a solution that fits their existing structure and pocketbook, Pogo Linux added.

The StorageDirector 3000 series allows users to meet their growing data needs at a compelling price point, Pogo Linux said. The company’s open architecture can significantly reduce costs, while providing a high-end feature set that answers the requests of the SMB customer, the company said.

The StorageDirector 3000 series provides ease-of-management, flexibility and interoperability features, which are uncommon at prices affordable to SMB customers, Pogo Linux said. By simplifying storage management, the StorageDirector 3000 offers real value to enterprises of any size, providing customers with a complete alternative to high-cost, managed NAS and IP (Internet Protocol) SAN (storage area network) systems, the company said.

Pogo Linux is a provider of Linux-based servers, workstations and storage systems. With technical expertise in both hardware configuration, the Linux operating system and its interoperability, Pogo Linux provides reliable systems backed by a knowledgeable Linux support team, at a price point that provides value, ease of use and stellar performance, regardless of the operating system, the company said.

With the purchase of a single StorageDirector 3000 device, customers of any size can add both file and high-performance SAN storage to their network, and protect themselves from data loss and simplify storage management, Pogo Linux said. The StorageDirector 3000 provides both block and file storage simultaneously in an easily managed single device, with a simple interface for regular backups, disaster recovery and integrated RAID (redundant array of independent disks), the company said. The StorageDirector 3000 also offers a turnkey solution for businesses needing to add to or consolidate their networked storage, Pogo Linux added.

The Storage Director 3000 product line is powered by the StorageDirector OS, Pogo Linux said. The new product line has a range of features, including simple, secure management of storage and backup using only a web browser, the company said. The Storage Director 3000 series provides cross-platform file sharing for Linux, Windows, Mac and Unix, as well as support for all major file-sharing protocols, including NFS (network file system), CIFS (common internet file system) and AppleTalk, Pogo Linux added.

The Storage Director 3000 product line offers disaster recovery and backup, including scheduled snapshots, remote mirroring and remote replication, multi-pathing for high performance and IP failover for high availability, and complete user management and access control, Pogo Linux said. The new series also offers advanced monitoring and alerts, and both hardware and software RAID, including RAID 6 which provides double-parity, the company said.

The StorageDirector 3000 series is available immediately, and is offered in three capacities to fit the needs of most users, Pogo Linux said. The StorageDirector 3004 comes in a storage capacity of 4 TB(terabytes), StorageDirector 3008 comes in a storage capacity of 8 TB, and StorageDirector 3012 is available in a storage capacity of 12 TB, the company said. The pricing of the Storage Director 3000 series starts at US$ 8,399, Pogo Linux added.