The Charlotte Observer deploys Virtual Iron software

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Dec 19 -- Virtual Iron Software Inc. has announced that The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina’s largest daily circulation newspaper, is deploying Virtual Iron’s virtualization and management software. The deployment aims to support a Unix to Linux migration project for three mission-critical applications, including the newspaper’s Oracle-based circulation database, Virtual Iron said.

The newspaper also plans to transition from a proprietary hardware platform to a cheaper Intel-based, Quad-Core platform to maintain maximum performance and reliability for critical database application, according to Virtual Iron of Lowell, Massachusetts. As a result of both initiatives, The Charlotte Observer will reduce data center complexity and gain new levels of price performance, while improving service levels for its readers, Virtual Iron said.

With Virtual Iron Version 3.1, the newspaper is virtualizing its Oracle-based circulation system database, while aiming at high performance and reliability, Virtual Iron said. In combination with the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series, Virtual Iron’s solutions can be deployed to accelerate the processing of news items to support the newspaper’s goal of providing readers with the latest news and sports information every day, the company added. Virtual Iron is one of the first virtualization software providers to support the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series, Virtual Iron added.

Virtualization has the potential to deliver huge advantages in data center cost savings and reduced complexity, according to The Charlotte Observer. Virtual Iron’s solution combined with Intel Quad-Core delivers more at less than 20 percent of the cost of alternative solutions, the newspaper added.

The Charlotte Observer will benefit from Virtual Iron’s capabilities such as large memory support of up to 96 GB, large SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) capabilities up to 8 simultaneous CPUs (central processing unit) per virtual server, and the ability to virtualize server platforms with up to 32 physical CPUs, Virtual iron said. The software leverages Intel’s new hardware–assist, Intel Virtualization Technology, to deliver near native performance and simultaneous support for 32 and 64-bit unmodified Linux and Windows operating systems, the company added. It also delivers sophisticated virtual management and policy-based automation capabilities, it added. The Virtual Iron platform requires no installation or management of virtualization services on physical servers which further streamlines data center operations and costs, Virtual Iron added.

The bottom line for The Charlotte Observer is better performance and reliability for less cost, which the Virtual Iron platform is designed to deliver, Virtual Iron said. Virtual Iron looks forward to collaborating with The Charlotte Observer to extend the benefits of virtualization beyond the data center and impact how the newspaper serves its readers every day, Virtual Iron said.

The new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor is enabling greater levels of price/performance in enterprise data center virtualization, according to Intel Corp. of Santa Clara, California. Virtual Iron’s ability to take advantage of Intel Virtualization Technology to virtualize server platforms with up to 32 physical CPUs, provides customers better ROI (return on investment) from the consolidation of mission-critical workloads, Intel added.


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