NTP Software introduces NTP Software Storage M&A for NAS

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Oct 5 -- NTP Software has announced the availability of the new version of NTP Software Storage M&A for NAS (network attached storage), NetApp Edition, which includes support for Snapshot.

The Network Appliance (NetApp) Snapshot technology is a feature of the WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) storage virtualization technology that is a part of the Data ONTAP microkernel that ships with every NetApp storage system, according to Network Appliance. A NetApp Snapshot is a “frozen,” read-only view of a WAFL volume that provides easy access to old versions of files, directory hierarchies, and/or LUNs (logical unit numbers), said NetApp of Sunnyvale, California.

NTP Software Storage M&A is a part of NTP Software’s Smart ILM (Information Lifecycle Management ) suite of products that provides senior executives and storage administrators the means to understand their environment, according to NTP of Nashua, New Hampshire. While NTP Software Storage M&A allows administrators to report on anything in the environment, the real value of the software comes from the NTP Software Storage Analysis Engine that uses heuristics, trend analysis and spot analysis to discern what is important and help focus attention, the company added last week.

NTP Software Storage M&A for NAS, NetApp Edition with Snapshot support provides the ability to report and project on the storage space in an environment, besides taking into consideration space that is allocated for Snapshots and compare it to the space that is actually being used, according to NTP Software. The new product feature provides greater insight into the overall storage environment and allows the enterprise to understand what is going on in their environment and where, through one central location, the company added.

Snapshots, as part of data protection strategy, are a critical component of the health of network storage, NTP Software said last week. The use of storage by Snapshots, other than its basic allocation in the storage network, has been difficult to analyze, the company added. Without NTP Software Storage M&A and the NTP Software Storage Analysis Engine, storage administrators did not have a way to judge the appropriateness of their allocation, the company said.

In a NetApp environment, much of a network’s storage can be consumed by Snapshots, which means they can become quite costly, according to an analyst at Strategic Vision. Using the NTP Software Storage M&A Engine to analyze their storage utilization is critical to cost-effective management, he added.

NTP Software Storage M&A for NAS, NetApp Edition with support for Snapshots is available, and the pricing starts at US$ 9,995, and is licensed per filer, according to NTP Software, a privately-held vendor of software for management and control of unstructured data.