Content-Addressed Storage Experts Form Caringo, Inc.

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June 1, 2006 -- Industry experts have joined forces to found Caringo, a new company dedicated to providing scalable, high performance fixed content storage software, while reducing complexity, vendor lock-in and runaway costs.

Caringo, Inc., named for founders Paul Carpentier, Jonathan Ring and Mark Goros, today announced its flagship product, CAStor, which does not follow the traditional approach to content-addressed storage (CAS). According to Caringo, CAStor introduces technology in this first product that incorporates key advantages over earlier CAS products employed today for fixed-content storage.

Caringo reports features including:

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Massively scalable parallel cluster architecture
  • High performance and scalable
  • Guaranteed data integrity, auditable and independently provable for evidentiary purposes
  • Self-configuring, managing and healing
  • A standard HTTP interface dispenses with proprietary APIs and allows access from any platform
  • Built in disaster recovery, backup and continuous data availability features
  • Architected to prevent bottlenecks, eliminating any single point of failure
  • Disruptive, breakthrough pricing model

Carpentier is reported to be an early inventor of CAS, and was the chief architect of the FilePool technology sold to EMC in 2001.

“Hardware-agnostic CAS is a bright spot in storage today,” said Jon William Toigo, a 20-year IT veteran and consultant, architect and integrator who became an early fan of Caringo after condemning what is often called ‘sticky CAS’ products from other vendors. “Once you place data that you need to retain for a protracted length of time into a sticky CAS system, the vendors have usually seen to it that you will never be able to buy anyone else's storage but theirs. This limits your choices and perpetuates insane costs by constraining your ability to take advantage of lower-cost, best-of-breed alternatives.”

“One of the most compelling aspects of Caringo's approach is that it has the ease of management, low cost and scalability associated with digital archiving storage solutions,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. “However, it is also designed to meet the needs of high performance applications. We have too many categories of storage and a convergence is required so that companies can leverage the huge investments they are making in IT infrastructure.”

Caringo has a unique method of delivering CAStor: the software is sold on a bootable USB flash drive that plugs into the user’s choice of X86 hardware with a Gigabyte or more of RAM, one or more hard drives and Gigabit Ethernet. Scalability is achieved by booting another node at any point in time.

An important element of CAStor’s simplicity is its Zero File System. CAStor creates a single huge, flat address space without hierarchies. Each file is assigned a unique ID for its entire lifetime. Caringo's patent-pending Content Integrity Seal (part of the compliance option) allows you to transparently upgrade the hashing algorithms during operation, without ever changing identifiers or reloading data. This protects against the content attacks and integrity breaches that could threaten current CAS systems. There is no file system to inhibit performance or limit scaling.

Carpentier serves as Caringo CTO, Jonathan Ring as president and Mark Goros as CEO. Caringo’s executive management team has worked together for 16 years, and boasts more than 80 years of combined experience at companies including Oracle, Siebel, IBM, Tandem Computers, Sybase, Gain Technology, TechGnosis, FilePool, Equip Ventures, Comdisco, Cartia, Sentient Ventures, and BroadVision.

While Caringo intends to make CAS technology the centerpiece of its product portfolio, the company is also pursuing OEM parters and top-tier vertical solution providers.


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