CTR Exclusives

  • Hackers Are Winning at Hide-and-Go-Seek
    by Steve Lowing
    Massive customer data breaches create urgency around managing endpoints and improving detection capabilities.
    As information and security technology professionals, we have an insider’s view when news about massive data breaches makes the front page. But think about it from the customer perspective. How many times in the last year have you had to change your credit car.....
  • Five Tipping Points for Moving to a Next-Generation Manager of Managers (MoM)
    by Ken Fuhr Two decades ago, on the cusp of the Internet bubble, a technology dubbed “Manager of Managers”(MoM) burst on to the scene. These systems promised a “single pane of glass” that would aggregate streams of telemetry (events/alarms) emitted by myriad routers, servers, databases and applications across sprawling IT infrastructures by applying rules and filters to help determi..... Read More >>
  • Building Beyond the Buzz: Infrastructure Virtualization in the Cloud
    by Adam Leventhal Vendors attach descriptors like “virtualization”, “cloud” or “big data” to such a wide variety of products that the terms have been stretched too far to fit snugly on any comprehensible definition. Hype plays no small part. Who would want an iDisk when iCloud now stores your data in “the cloud”? The appeal of “software defined storage” is clear compared..... Read More >>
  • Generating Standardized Reports on Unstructured Data from Multiple Sources
    by Sergey Sinkevich Empowered by present-day technology, the pervasive necessity to enter new analytical dimensions dictates an urge for handling multi-source, multi-format data in a standardized and well-organized manner. End users want the ability to determine patterns and reveal tendencies in the avalanche of data right from their laptops or mobile devices. This holds particularly true f..... Read More >>
  • The Importance of Data Analytics in the Fight against Advanced Persistent Threats and Cybercrime
    by Jeff Frazier
    Home Depot’s recent announcement that a cyber-attack led to a data breach, compromising the credit card data of some 56 million customers, placed the home improvement retailer at the top of a list that no organization wants to be on, but which an ever-increasing number occupy: companies whose IT systems have been hacked, and whose customers and constituents have been vic.....
  • Five Steps to Protect Your Data
    by Roy Peretz Most organizations have already been hacked or been victims of data theft (internal or external), whether they know it or not – or know it and haven’t been willing to acknowledge it. Many are operating in specific regulatory environments, but aren’t in full compliance, leaving them vulnerable to lawsuits or even criminal prosecution. Data is data is data. It doesn’t m..... Read More >>
  • If Virtualization and Clustering Are Just Plumbing, How Do I Keep My Datacenter from Clogging Up?
    by Carl Berglund While virtualization and clustering technologies were developed to solve a range of datacenter challenges, the infrastructure they create is much like the plumbing inside the walls of a building. Done right, modern plumbing delivers hot and cold running water on demand. Similarly, when the datacenter is done right, critical business applications are always available. The pr..... Read More >>

HP, Symantec team on Disaster Recovery as-a-Service offering based on Helion OpenStack

Friday, 21 November 2014 06:07


Hewlett-Packard and Symantec announced this week a partnership to develop a Disaster Recovery as a Service solution based on the HP Helion OpenStack cloud.

The DRaaS solution is set to supp...

Foremay targets server market with debut of SATA 3.0 SSDs in 2.5-inch form factor

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 04:00


Foremay Inc., vendor of technology improvements in rugged solid state drives and military SSDs, announced its new SATA SSDs with capacities of 4TB and 8TB, which are the “largest capacities in...


Splice Machine announces general availability of version 1.0 of its Hadoop RDBMS

Thursday, 20 November 2014 02:39

Splice Machine

Splice Machine announced Wednesday general availability of its Hadoop RDBMS platform to build real-time, scalable applications without the burdens or costs of a traditional RDBMS. Splice ...


Barracuda advances security protection in hardware platform offerings

Friday, 21 November 2014 05:22

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks revealed this week that its Security Suite allows customers to purchase and deploy protection across three common threat vectors – email, web browsing, and networ...


I'll Pass on Passwords. I'm Sensing Biometrics.

Behind the BluStor PassWord Vault – your gatekeeper to the mobile world  

 by Kim Borg

It’s official: Passwords are passé. It should come as no surprise, really: Most of us are g...

Continuous Monitoring and Response Realities

by Kim Borg

Network security has come of age. To be sure, sophisticated security solution providers are squarely focused on helping companies deal with infrastructure complexity and IT consumeriza...