CTR Exclusives

  • Enhancing Network Security with Physical Layer Management
    by Pat Thompson Infrastructure and network security systems are fine as far as they go, but they don't provide visibility into the state of the physical network. For complete security, network administrators need to know who is connecting to the network at any given time, where they are connecting, and how they are connecting. Physical layer management (PLM) systems enhance network security..... Read More >>
  • Going Beyond SDN and NFV for WAN
    by Steve Woo At the macro level, new innovations in wide area networking (WAN) are being triggered by at least four broad-based trends: 1. Migration of business-critical applications to the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.); Increase in the number and distribution of branch offices, the number of mobile workers, and the speed of deployment desired;
    Expectation by employees that they wi.....
  • Security Testing: When is it Necessary and What Methods Should Be Used?
    by Aleksey Abramovich When is security testing necessary? There are many instances where this is the case, but listed below are the basic ones. Security testing is necessary when: There is a corporate network or web application that was never checked for security issues (or was checked a REALLY long time ago).
    The system was successfully attacked or there was an attempt at attack.
  • Survey Says Providing High Availability and Disaster Protection for SQL Server Poses Challenges for Enterprise Data Centers
    by Jerry Melnick In many enterprise data centers, SQL Server is playing an increasingly important role in running core business operations, including customer service, order processing, payroll, accounting, and many more. For these organizations tolerance for SQL downtime and data loss is approaching zero. However, according to a recent survey by SIOS Technology Corp., providing the high a..... Read More >>
  • Cyber Attacks: We're Fighting an Asymmetric War
    by Hitesh Sheth There’s a war on our high-value information. And we’re losing. The breach of Target Corporation shook the industry in January and Community Health Systems is the latest poster child of an industry that was ill-prepared and ill-equipped to deal with cybercrime, but a quick scan of the headline news begets a long list of other businesses and government agencies that have h..... Read More >>
  • Building Virtual Networks in the Public Cloud
    by Ryan Koop In the past, anyone who wanted to run additional network services like Nginx, HAproxy, or Snort in the public cloud had to use additional virtual machines (VMs). Additional VMs mean more runtime fees and a more complex network topology to manage. That's history. Network function virtualization (NFV) can help enterprises solve real-life cloud adoption issues of costs and networ..... Read More >>
  • Data Loss Risks Beyond Security
    by Ben Thomas Three out of five companies that suffer a major data loss shut down within six months, so the writing is on the wall – data loss is a big deal and it can easily impact a company’s bottom line. However, what some people don’t understand is that protecting an organization’s cloud data is as equally important as protecting data stored on-premise. There’s a popular mis..... Read More >>

BlueData launches EPIC Enterprise to popularize big data; joins Hortonworks Technology Partner program

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 05:11


BlueData launched big data software to enable enterprises to create a self-service cloud experience on premise. With EPIC Enterprise, BlueData is democratizing big data by streamlining and simp...


Red Hat adds enterprise mobile application platform with FeedHenry acquisition

Thursday, 18 September 2014 07:04

Red Hat

Open source solutions provider Red Hat has signed a definitive agreement to acquire enterprise mobile application platform provider FeedHenry. Red Hat has agreed to acquire FeedHenry, a privately h...


FCIA works towards supporting Fibre Channel connectivity using NVM Express

Thursday, 18 September 2014 05:48


The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) added a new committee workgroup within the INCITS T11 Committee to align Fibre Channel fabric connectivity using the upcoming NVM Express (NVMe) over fa...


Micron's M600 SSD comes with improved performance, low power consumption for client computing

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 07:04

Micron Technology

Micron Technology raised the bar for low-power, high-performance storage for personal computers with the debut of its next-generation, client-class solid state drive (SSD), with dynami...


I'll Pass on Passwords. I'm Sensing Biometrics.

Behind the BluStor PassWord Vault – your gatekeeper to the mobile world  

 by Kim Borg

It’s official: Passwords are passé. It should come as no surprise, really: Most of us are g...

Continuous Monitoring and Response Realities

by Kim Borg

Network security has come of age. To be sure, sophisticated security solution providers are squarely focused on helping companies deal with infrastructure complexity and IT consumeriza...
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