CTR Exclusives

  • Buried by the Cloud: 7 Signs Your Business Has Too Many Apps
    by Michael Gold I’m obsessed with cloud apps. But it’s not any one app that interests me. Nor is it any particular category of apps. With thousands of SMB-focused apps in the world, I’m obsessed with the one point where all these apps potentially intersect: your business. In its 2014 SMB Cloud Landscape Report, Intermedia and Osterman Research found that the average business now runs ..... Read More >>
  • We’re Only Human – Defending Corporate Data In Spite of Employees
    by Ryan St. Hilaire
    To err is human. This is a fact not only of life, but also a truth when it comes to information security, where almost 95% of IT security breaches can be attributed to some kind of human error.1 Given how and where employees are accessing corporate data, it is easy to understand why. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets have given rise to a mobile workforce with explic.....
  • The IT Epiphany: Taking a Solutions Approach to Data Migration and Business Continuity
    by Alan Arnold In today’s corporate environment, business and IT need to collaborate and communicate to keep operations running. When you work in IT, this means responding to a range of challenges, from mundane to complex. You’re constantly managing expectations, accountable for efficient IT procedures that cause the least amount of pain to your business counterparts while driving new s..... Read More >>
  • Six Tips to Protecting Business Data in the Cloud in 2015 and Beyond
    by Gilad Parann-Nissany 2015 promises to be an exciting year in cloud expansion. We are seeing more companies, both enterprises and SMBs migrating data to the cloud in record numbers and 2015 promises continued growth and expansion. But with an expanded cloud come expanded concerns: namely, data security. Big-name data breaches of the recent past like Home Depot, Kmart, Target and JPMorgan ..... Read More >>
  • Redeploy Your Backup Budget with the Cloud
    by Andres Rodriguez When people think of cloud storage, one of the first applications to come to mind is backup, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Advertisements for cloud backup services are ubiquitous on TV and radio, and providers of such software have experienced rapid growth. Mozy got off to a very early start with an IPO in 2004, followed by acquisition by EMC in 2007. Carbonite we..... Read More >>
  • Keyword-driven Testing Methodology
    by Dmitry Tischenko Automation testing is a topic that is under constant discussion and improvement. The IT industry often tries to find more and more ways to make automation more effective and applicable, though more efforts should be made to fit the QA process; this is where keyword-driven testing (KDT) excels. KDT, also known as table-driven testing or action word based testing, is a so..... Read More >>
  • Goldilocks and the Three Storage Types: RAM, HDD and Flash/SSD
    by Young Paik Data is a strategic asset, an extremely vital part of an organization because it is used to assess what happened in the past as well as predict what may happen in the future - and today's computing environments generate massive amounts of such data. All of this data must be stored somewhere, a problem which requires constant advances in storage technology. When choosing the ..... Read More >>
  • Globalizing SaaS: A Priceless Investment
    by Nataly Kelly
    Software, which emerged with computers in the 1960s, was born to be global. Early on, several regions of the world controlled the software industry, with countries like the U.S., Germany and Japan leading the charge. However, in the 21st century, emerging markets like China, Brazil, India, Israel and Ireland have entered the market and leveled the playing field. Today, the .....
  • Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report: Change Auditing on Guard against Insider Misuse
    by Michael Fimin The Verizon Annual Data Breach Investigations Report is one of the most expected computer security reports of the year. Based on actual incidents of data breaches, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report shows the actual state of IT security by analyzing the trend in security incidents. One of its chapters, “Insider and Privilege Misuse,” is devoted to describing ..... Read More >>
  • Hyperconvergence 101: How to Tame Data Center Chaos
    by Scott Lowe There’s a new data center technology on the block and this time, it’s the real deal; it’s not a fad or a flash in the pan, but actually has the potential to reshape how many organizations deploy and manage their business-critical data center environments. Called hyperconverged infrastructure, this technology has actually been around for a couple of years, but gained new..... Read More >>

Dell XC Series expands to provide users range of hyper-converged solutions for virtualized workloads

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 08:03


Dell unveiled the second wave of Dell XC Series of web-scale converged appliances to help streamline data centers and provide over 50 percent storage capacity and up to twice the rack density to ...


Red Hat OpenShift Commons community attempts to push open source platform-as-a-service

Friday, 27 February 2015 05:34

Red Hat  

Red Hat launched an open source community initiative to collaborate and deepen engagement with OpenShift, Red Hat’s open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, and the open source t...


Open Interconnect Consortium aligns with Industrial Internet Consortium to boost IoT standards

Friday, 27 February 2015 03:09

Open Interconnect Consortium  

The Open Interconnect Consortium entered into a liaison agreement with the Industrial Internet Consortium to share information aimed at restructuring interoperability for...


NetApp offers data backup, archive in the cloud, while providing a secure path for data from on-premises to AWS

Thursday, 26 February 2015 05:01


NetApp added new software and solutions for hybrid IT deployments that improve data backup and recovery times, and give users more control over how, when and where they store their data through...


I'll Pass on Passwords. I'm Sensing Biometrics.

Behind the BluStor PassWord Vault – your gatekeeper to the mobile world  

 by Kim Borg

It’s official: Passwords are passé. It should come as no surprise, really: Most of us are g...

Continuous Monitoring and Response Realities

by Kim Borg

Network security has come of age. To be sure, sophisticated security solution providers are squarely focused on helping companies deal with infrastructure complexity and IT consumeriza...
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