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  • Private Methods of Connecting to the Cloud: How Cloud Networks are Built
    by Mike L. Chase This article is the second in a two-part series.
    At the low end, you have virtual colocation providers. These are usually VARs, MSPs, and an independent periphery of companies who coin themselves “cloud” for the sake of marketing hype, but upon closer inspection, are virtualizing nothing more than servers. Often 1 datacenter hit wonders, these providers rely upon har.....
  • Heartbleed Security Vulnerability Jolts the Internet Industry
    by Anna Ribeiro The Internet has been abuzz this week with news of the Heartbleed bug, resulting in security vulnerabilities in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The bug enables stealing of protected information in Web communications that use SSL/TLS encryption. SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, instant mes..... Read More >>
  • Why WAN Optimization is Indispensable to the BYOD Revolution
    by Umesh Kukreja The IT ecosystem is experiencing a flash flood of mobile devices, and control over the network is swiftly eroding for IT and business decision-makers everywhere. In turn, some IT teams are grudgingly defending their turf against this new wave of endpoint devices. Others are looking beyond the horizon to next-generation enterprise-mobility strategies that will embrace disr..... Read More >>
  • Cloud Secrets: How to Get In - And Out - Quickly
    by Mike L. Chase
    This article is the first in a two-part series.  Cloud networks span the spectrum from curiously fascinating to starkly horrific. Like everything cloud, a lot is left to endless imagination since customers rarely get a glimpse beyond the fog surrounding cloud networking. It’s often hard to tell how a cloud provider’s network is built, much less compare any of them .....
  • A Fistful of (Crypto) Dollars: Bitcoin and the Future of Algorithmically Based Currency
    by John Linkous Much noise in the media has been made in recent months over Bitcoin, a popular decentralized and non-governmentally regulated crypto-currency. Like the taboo subjects of sex, politics and religion at the dinner table, Bitcoin manages to have a polarizing effect on people ranging from those who view it as a universal currency free from usurious transaction fees and government..... Read More >>
  • Strategies for Reducing Data Protection Complexity in Large Data Centers
    by Peter Quirk Data centers are facing unprecedented data growth rates and costly, time-consuming data cen­ter sprawl. As a result, there is an increasing need for data protection solutions that are designed to handle these massive data volumes in a more efficient way. Specifically, they need enterprise class data protection systems that provide performance and scalability to enable the co..... Read More >>
  • Making the Case for Systems Management in Your IT Budget
    by Ken Drachnik While IT funding is an integral part of every organization’s budget, systems management has been one of the most underfunded pieces of the IT ecosystem. Fortunately, this is starting to change as more organizations understand the value of systems management in securing critical endpoints and streamlining routine IT functions — everything from initial system deployment an..... Read More >>

Microsoft unveils preview of its Azure cloud service for Internet of Things

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:31


Microsoft released this week limited public preview of the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service , reflecting a significant step as the company continues to help businesses realize the pot...


Infoblox now supports XenServer open-source virtualization by offering virtual appliance for network control

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 03:23


Infoblox has unveiled Infoblox Virtual Appliance Software for XenServer, bringing the full range of Infoblox enterprise-grade network control technologies to the open-source XenServer virtualizat...


Canonical’s Ubuntu 14.04 LTS aims to become the cloud platform of choice

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:41


Canonical announced Tuesday Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be released Thursday, bringing a new level of reliability, performance and interoperability to cloud and scale out environments with support and...


Google advises Compute Engine users to create new SSL keys after Heartbleed

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 04:07


Internet giant Google has in the light of new research on extracting keys using the Heartbleed bug recommended that Google Compute Engine (GCE) customers create new keys for any affected SSL servi...


The Evolution of Encryption: A Look at Thales e-Security's 2012 Global Encryption Trends Study

by Kim Borg

In stark contrast to many other security technologies, encryption has matured from being solely a security operations-level issue into being a grown-up business-level issue that ca...


To Protect and to Restore: Paragon's Backup and Recovery Solution Yields True Efficiency and Intuitive Functionality

Review by Kim Borg

Talk about disaster averted. Paragon Software Group has managed to set itself apart from close competitors in the backup and disaster recovery space, such as Symantec, Acronis and V...

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