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  • I Spy Digital Forensics
    by Christian Crank
    Digital forensics is a field that is growing within the IT industry. One estimate indicates that the U.S. market for forensic technologies and services is projected to register $20.52 billion in annual revenue by 2015. With the large increase in cyber crime and people unsure as to what, where, or how something happened at all, cyber forensic analysts are becoming more an.....
  • In Today’s Web 2.0 Environment, Your Network is Already Infected
    by Paul Martini Network security has been a challenge ever since the existence of the Internet. The rise of Web 2.0 and the expansion of mobile devices, with the thousands of applications designed for them, has made security even more complex. Almost all IT security experts are saying it’s not a matter of if your network will be infected but rather when. Given that rather grim scenario,..... Read More >>
  • Quantum Computing Will be a Reality - Are You Prepared?
    by Dr. Duncan Earl As our analog world completes its migration to the digital realm we are truly living in transitional times. In less than a generation technology has fundamentally changed society, simultaneously laying waste to entire industries and giving rise to people, technology and things never seen before. The changes have been so profound it’s hard to recall what life was l..... Read More >>
  • When Should I Implement an Active Archive?
    by Floyd Christofferson There are a pair of recurring and contradictory themes I frequently hear from storage IT managers when it comes to managing their data and storage infrastructure. On the one hand, they’ll say that an archive is viewed a low priority project in their company. When IT budgets are under pressure, prioritizing resources to manage ‘old’ data seems like a difficult c..... Read More >>
  • Testing Big Data: Three Fundamental Components
    by Alexander Panchenko Big Data is a big topic in software development today. When it comes to practice, software testers may not yet fully understand what Big Data is exactly. What testers do know is that you need a plan for testing it. The problem here is the lack of a clear understanding about what to test and how deep inside a tester should go. There are some key questions that must be ..... Read More >>
  • Support Your Data's Constitutional Right to Freedom to Move Between Multiple Databases in Real-Time
    by Becky Hjellming
    When the Founding Fathers united the 13 original ragtag colonies, they knew the task required an elegant framework that would enable each state to work in harmony as one great nation. So, too, do most companies need a blueprint for uniting multiple databases, incompatible applications and mismatched platforms, all while navigating the perils of data trapped in aging infr.....
  • Continuous Monitoring and Response Realities
    by Kim Borg Network security has come of age. To be sure, sophisticated security solution providers are squarely focused on helping companies deal with infrastructure complexity and IT consumerization, as well as ongoing vulnerabilities and targeted attacks such as Heartbleed and ZeroAccess.

    Now, nearly halfway through the second decade of the new millennium, businesses are seekin.....

Cisco, IBM constructs high-performance SAN to offer managed backup services

Monday, 28 July 2014 04:56


Cisco Systems teamed with IBM to offer products and technologies that help ensure high availability, reliability and security for building scalable storage networks, and permit optimized distance ex...


Amazon Elastic Load Balancing now lets users set connection timeout

Sunday, 27 July 2014 07:45

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services announced this week that when a web browser or mobile device makes a TCP connection to AWS’ Elastic Load Balancer , the connection is used for the request and the...


HP invests US$50 million in Hortonworks, pushes big data partnership

Thursday, 24 July 2014 08:04


Hewlett-Packard announced Thursday that the company will help accelerate the adoption of enterprise Apache Hadoop by integrating Hortonworks Data Platform with the HP HAVEn big data platform.


Kaspersky discovers new malware which encodes user data, then demands payoff for decoding

Monday, 28 July 2014 04:28

Kaspersky Lab

New research from Kaspersky Lab found the existence of a new type of malware which encrypts user data and then demands ransom for decryption. This new family detected by Kaspersky of encryp...


I'll Pass on Passwords. I'm Sensing Biometrics.

Behind the BluStor PassWord Vault – your gatekeeper to the mobile world  

 by Kim Borg

It’s official: Passwords are passé. It should come as no surprise, really: Most of us are g...

Continuous Monitoring and Response Realities

by Kim Borg

Network security has come of age. To be sure, sophisticated security solution providers are squarely focused on helping companies deal with infrastructure complexity and IT consumeriza...
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